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Origin: First used by Weinstein Churchill in a speech in 1906. Video shows what terminological inexactitude means. A lie or falsehood.. Terminological inexactitude Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary. terminological inexactitude French translation: mauvais termes, mauvais mot, mauvaise utilisation des mots, erreur sur les mots The failure of the government in Ireland (where the only success was Mr Birrell's introduction of the Universities Bill in April 1908), their internal divisions as regards socialistic legislation, their variance from the views of the selfgoverning colonies on Imperial administration, the admission after the general election that the alleged "slavery" of the Chinese in the Transvaal was, in Mr Winston Churchill's phrase, a "terminological inexactitude," and the introduction of extreme This terminological inexactitude is unlikely to be accidental on the part of Ha'aretz. That is what Churchill called a terminological inexactitude.

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Terminological inexactitude is a phrase introduced in 1906 by British politician Winston Churchill. It is used as a euphemism or circumlocution meaning a lie, untruth or substantially correct but technically inaccurate statement. Churchill first used the phrase following the 1906 election. ‘This terminological inexactitude is unlikely to be accidental on the part of Ha'aretz.’ ‘And please, Santa, make sure there's one of those interminable mini-disc CD recorders inside the machine to make sure we remind him of what he said each time he utters a terminological inexactitude.’ terminological inexactitude (countable and uncountable, plural terminological inexactitudes) (euphemistic) A lie or falsehood. Terminological-inexactitude meaning (euphemistic) A lie or falsehood.

The accelerated velocity of terminological inexactitude. Svensk översättning av 'terminological' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler EnglishWinston Churchill used the phrase 'terminological inexactitudes'. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles · terminological · terminological inexactitude · terminology · terminus · termite · terms · Terms · terms for aid · terms of  Winston Churchill used the phrase 'terminological inexactitudes'.

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relating to the special words or expressions used in a particular subject or activity: This is a dangerous terminological inexactitude. excessiveness, gowk, hardass, impreciseness, imprecision, inaccuracy, inadvertency, inexactness, snorter, sparseness, terminological inexactitude,  Jun 1, 2019 Published: June 1, 2019. #Brexit -calculating UK funding flows (a volatile variety of credits, debits & abatements) to the EU budget is  “Perhaps we have been guilty of some terminological inexactitudes.” ― Winston S. Churchill.

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Video via BBC Sir Winston Churchill stated this during a 1906 election; meaning, "The conditions of the transvaal ordinance cannot in the opinion of His Majesty's Government be classified as slavery; at least, that the word in its full sense cannot be applied without risk of terminological inexactitude The Big 'Terminological Inexactitude' By Christopher Booker. Sept.

Terminological inexactitude

That is what Churchill called a terminological inexactitude. Video shows what terminological inexactitude means. A lie or falsehood.. Terminological inexactitude Meaning.
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Pain. 2007 Apr;128(3):286-7; discussion 288. Epub 2006 Dec 11. 'Autotomy': a terminological inexactitude.

Yes · 3 Jul 30, 2020 Yet to call this a liability risks what Winston Churchill called a “terminological inexactitude”. This lie is because, in a fiat system where the  in the extreme acceptance of the word without same risk of terminological inexactitude.' CATACHRESIS An unexpected image which stretches normal usage. inappropriate and a terminological inexactitude, considering that Humanism as a philosophical system is essentially humanocentric. The thesis advanced in  2 days ago Pakistan hit back yesterday at India's accusation that President Pervez Musharraf was guilty of "terminological inexactitude" with a  Terminological inexactitude.
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terminological [ts:minslo'd^ik(s)l] terminologisk; ~ inexactitude (skämts.) lögn; terminology [ls:mino'lsd3i] terminologi terminus [/a/zninas] (pl -ni [-nai]) ändstation Sannolikheten att han inte skulle ha en åtminstone en Master of Terminological Inexactitude förefaller minimal.